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Buy a discounted HGVC timeshare resale through and take advantage of the diverse exchange options available through RCI. Save money and receive expert advice on the resale process from our independent timeshare specialists.

As an RCI-affiliated resort brand, the Hilton Grand Vacations Club enables its members to access the RCI exchange network. With thousands of options on the table, HGVC timeshare owners can vacation in a different spot year after year. Read more below to discover how HGVC and RCI work out exchanges.

About RCI

Resort Condominiums International (RCI) is the world’s largest timeshare exchange network. With over 5,000 affiliated resorts all around the world, RCI members have the ability to exchange their deeded timeshares for others’ in almost every part of the world. The exchange program at RCI functions on a points-based system. RCI equates each owner’s resort, accommodations, and week or season to a certain point amount. From there, timeshare owners seeking to exchange through RCI can find other owners with similar timeshares and vacation at their resort instead.

RCI Exchange with HGVC

As an HGVC member, you will have access to RCI’s exchange network. Exchanging through RCI does require a separate RCI membership—but HGVC Points are also used toward RCI exchanges. If you’re contemplating a stay at an RCI resort, contact an HGVC reservation specialist to get started.

HGVC 1-in-4 Rule

Some HGVC resorts have limitations when booking through RCI’s exchange program. The 1-in-4 rule states that HGVC members cannot use RCI’s exchange services to stay at the same resort more than once in four years. However, there are a few important caveats to this rule:

  1. As an HGVC member, you can stay at any HGVC resort as many years as you want through HGVC exchange.
  2. Resorts that follow the 1-in-4 rule enforce it by number of visits, not weeks—this means a two-week vacation counts as only one visit.
  3. Not all resorts adhere to the 1-in-4 rule, and it is not necessarily enforced by RCI or HGVC. Make sure you check with specific resorts you’d like to stay at to see if they follow the rule.