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Timeshare Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

For frequent travelers, HGVC timeshare resales can be a great way to save money on vacations over time. For others, however, other HGVC solutions like timeshare rentals may be the best option. To answer your questions about purchasing a timeshare on the secondary market, we’ve put together this list of resale buyer FAQs.

What is an HGVC Resale?

When a timeshare owner sells their ownership that they purchased from a resort or developer, they are selling a timeshare resale. For HGVC timeshare owners looking to get rid of their timeshare, the resale market is often the best option. For buyers, timeshare resales are the best vacation ownership option. Resales are often priced 60% lower than developer options, and there is no exhausting sales pitch or oppressive salespeople to deal with. Take a look at our HGVC resales inventory today.

What am I Buying Exactly?

When you purchase an HGVC resale, you are actually purchasing an HGVC membership at your home resort. With this membership, you are given points each year to vacation at your home resort or at another resort in the HGVC network. While there is no deeded property involved, Hilton has implemented the HGVC Points program to allow for maximum flexibility when vacationing.

Can I Exchange My HGVC Timeshare?

Yes. Once you are an HGVC member, you can exchange within the HGVC network, or you can become and RCI member and exchange externally as well. Visit our HGVC and RCI page to learn more about timeshare exchange.

What are Maintenance Fees?

Maintenance fees, which can also be called annual dues, are yearly charges sent to HGVC owners to pay for things like resort upkeep, new amenities, unit renovations, and more. These fees are only charged once every year, and may increase from year to year. For more on these fees, visit our HGVC Annual Fees page.

If I Buy a Resale, Will HGVC Know I’m the New Owner?

Yes. When you buy a resale, part of the closing process is called Resort Notification. This is when your home resort is notified of the transaction and that all membership points, benefits, and titles are transferred to you. From that point on, you will be responsible for the property and all maintenance fees will be sent to you.

Is Financing Available for HGVC Resales?

If you choose to purchase an HGVC resale, you can finance it with a recommended agency. Upon your purchase agreement, will recommended licensed timeshare finance companies with low fixed interest rates and flexible repayment options.

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Other HGVC Resale Questions

If you have other questions pertaining to buying a timeshare resale, the team at is here to answer them. Contact us anytime with questions, comments, and concerns. Additionally, if you have questions about renting or selling your timeshare, you may want to take a look at our Timeshare Rental FAQs and Seller FAQs pages.