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Hilton Grand Vacations Club Reservations

With your HGVC resale, you will have the ability to reserve luxury accommodations for your vacation easily year after year. Additionally, you will have a number of options when making Hilton Grand Vacations Club reservations. Through an extremely flexible process, HGVC resale owners can have access to thousands of destinations all over the world.

HGVC Seasons

As one of the many flexible features of the Hilton Grand Vacations Club, HGVC offers four different ways to choose resorts and make reservations. The first step is to understand HGVC seasons and the restrictions that come with each.

Home Week Season

The Home Week Season allows HGVC owners to make reservations for what they own—seven nights at their home resort, in their unit type, during their fixed week. You can make reservations for Home Week Seasons during the priority reservations period—a three-month window between twelve and nine months before check-in. There are zero fees that apply for Home Week Season reservations. Restrictions: You can only use your current allotment of HGVC points for Home Week reservations.

Club Season

These reservations can be made at any HGVC resort for vacations that last more than three nights. You can reserve any type of unit through Club Season reservations, however this method will cost you a fee of $49 to $89, and reservations must be made in the window of nine months to 30 days before check in. Restrictions: Bonus Points cannot be used with Club or Rescued Points for Club Season reservations.

Open Season

Similar to Club Season reservations, Open Season is available for HGVC members to reserve at any resort, any season, at any time. However, many Open Season options are last-minute inventory, and you must make reservations 30 days to one day before check-in. There is a two-night minimum stay, and nightly rates must be paid upon time of booking. Restrictions: HGVC members have exclusive access to this, and date restrictions may apply.

RCI Reservations

Because Hilton is partnered with RCI, HGVC timeshare owners are able to make reservations through RCI’s vast timeshare exchange network. You will be able to use your HGVC Points toward RCI reservations, but fees ranging from $39 to $199 may apply. You can make nightly reservations up to 10 months in advance, or weekly reservations up to two years in advance. Restrictions: ClubPoints must be used for RCI reservations.

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How to Reserve Your HGVC Timeshare

After you have decided where and when you want to make your HGVC reservation, you can follow the brief steps below to secure your vacation.

Call HGVC or Log In Online

With any of the reservation options listed above, the first step is to contact HGVC to make your reservation. The Hilton Grand Vacations Club staff is globally recognized for their prompt service and accessibility, so you will know right away if your dream vacation is available. There are no waitlists or holds—HGVC reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Call a representative or log into your HGVC member account to get started.

Determining What to Do with Your Points

In many cases, you may have extra points left over after your reservation. You can do a number of things with these extra points, including:

  • Convert them into HHonors points for extra services and amenities
  • Save them and use them for next year’s vacation
  • Use them with RCI for nightly or weekend getaways

Additionally, if your reservation costs more points than you have, you may be able to pull from your future allotment of points and use them for the current year. Some restrictions and fees may apply.

HGVC Cancellations and Changes

You can cancel or change HGVC reservations, so long as they are done within a certain timeframe. However, some cancellation fees or loss of points may apply depending on the time and nature of your request.

Changing Your HGVC Reservation

If your new reservation equals or increases the amount of points you used on the original reservation, you can make the change anywhere up to one day in advance. However, if the new reservation decreases the amount of points originally used, you must make the change at least 31 days in advance. You can also change your accommodations or duration of your stay, however, some fees (between $49 and $89) will likely apply.

Canceling Your HGVC Reservation

Hilton has organized their cancellation fees by period in which the cancellation occurs. Refer to the list below to learn what fees and loss of points apply.

  • If the cancellation is made within five days or less, you forfeit 100% of points used and fees paid.
  • If the cancellation is made within 6 to 14 days, you forfeit 50% of points used and fees paid.
  • If the cancellation is made within 15 to 30 days, you forfeit 25% of points used and fees paid.
  • If the cancellation is made within 31 or more days, you do not lose any points, but may lose reservation fees.

Please note that some types of cancellations might not be possible—for example, Open Season and RCI reservations cannot be cancelled 31 days in advance because the reservations must be made within that timeframe. For more on how to cancel your reservation, contact the staff at HGVC.