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HGVC Annual Fees

All HGVC members must pay annual fees and dues to cover maintenance and reservations—regardless of whether you purchase from the developer or on the secondary market. The amounts of these fees don’t apply for every HGVC resort—timeshare ownership fees (also called maintenance fees) can vary by resort, season, accommodations, and more. Below is a list of common HGVC annual fees that roll into hgvc members’ annual main. This information is provided to help educate current owners as well as interested resale buyers.

Annual Fees Breakdown

Club Dues

This is a basic fee issued by Hilton for all HGVC members. This covers membership costs and dues to access the basic functions of the club.

Operating Fee

This fee is charged to HGVC members to keep the resorts up and running. This covers housekeeping, maintenance, and more.

Reserve Fee

The Reserve Fee goes toward future repair and extra maintenance. This fee stays the same for every member, regardless of what each member owns.

Real Estate Taxes

Real Estate Taxes are charged by Hilton to cover the taxes incurred by your home resort.

General Excise Tax

The General Excise tax is a fee charged on all business activity in Hawaii. This fee applies only to HGVC members who own in Hawaii.

Club Access Fee

This fee only applies if your home resort is in development, and grants early access to the Club.

When Are HGVC Fees Due?

All HGVC annual fees are rolled into one charge. In most cases, this collected fee is due at the beginning of each year. New owners may have to pay annual fees whenever they make their purchase to cover the first year.

Other Non-Annual Fees

In some cases, there are fees that may apply for other HGVC services. These fees include:

  • Points Deposit Fee
  • HHonors Points Conversion Fee
  • Rescued Points Fee
  • Reservation Fees
  • Change in Reservation Fee
  • Guest Reservation Fee